May 10, 2002

Last day of work today. Weird! We’re going to Semolina’s, a yummy pasta restaurant, for lunch today. Hmm. I hope I get some kind of leaving gift. I’d love (hint, hint, in case anyone at work is reading this) a bottle of the Syrah-Grenache from Chateau Camplazens. (see, free advertising! a delicious red with hints of sage and stuff like that.) Well, Ren got a bottle for her birthday, so I think it’s only fair. Let’s see, after 25 years don’t you get a gold watch? I think three years of building a business from the ground up deserves a $15 bottle of wine, don’t ya think?

Went to the park to run yesterday. Only got 3/4 of the way around the loop before I was head off at the pass by Ren and Gary, walking in the opposite direction. So we walked back 3/4 of the way I had just run. Well, at least I got in three miles instead of two yesterday! I decided on my plan of action for the summer, running-wise. If I do 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking, I don’t get as overheated, so I can go further. So I’m going to try that and see if I can handle two or three loops of the park that way. And it doesn’t really take that much longer. See, I never saw anything wrong with Gallo-walking.

Last night I finished my super-secret project mentioned yesterday. It turned out really well. I will elaborate more on it next week. I’m quite proud of it. Also watched the new Friends and Will & Grace. Didn’t watch ER. Far too depressing to watch alone, so I taped it. I’ll watch it with Kristina later. Didn’t, obviously, go to pub quiz night. But ended up with a decent night’s sleep. I know I’d be better rested if I hadn’t brought back twenty books from London. But that’s my weakness, and now I have to read them all. Quite proud that I haven’t read them all already. And it’s been nearly a month! Of course, one of the drawbacks of being a voracious reader is that I accidentally bought a book in London that I already had. Duh. I guess I don’t retain as much of the books as I thought I did. But I also see that as a benefit, because I can read them over and over again and it’s like a new book every time!

Talked to my brother (left, that’s him, you can click on the picture to visit his website, and you should because it’s really cool) about Boston. He has friends that live in Somerville, where I’ll (hopefully!!) be living. Or Slummerville, as my oh-so-witty brother calls it. So he’s been, what, two times? He gave a talk at MIT last year about digital filmmaking, or something like that.