Oh, weird. Just got an email from one of my high school friends, Allison. She was at Louisiana School for our junior year, we were suitemates and really good friends. So weird! Now she’s married, and she no longer seems to wear the thick black eyeliner and all black clothing she preferred in high school. Ahhhh, 16 year olds. Louisiana School had particularly strange students because we were the geeks of our former high schools, and suddenly we could actually be as strange as we wanted to be. Um, not to say I was strange. Nooooo. But I’m still good friends with so many people that went to school there. Ren and Gary, Anne, Kettie, Maura, and lots of people I may not be close friends with but still see from time to time. Weird.

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  1. ak1908

    Hi,I happened upon your blog from doing a google search for families having triplets. We are currently 9w1d pregnant with triplets after suffering 8 years from infertility. My blog is password protected, but I wanted to invite you to read. If you are interested, please email me at knox1908 AT hotmail DOT com. I hope we can chat about this wonderful, yet scary and extremely nauseating (LOL) experience. AprilPS- My husband is from Louisiana- Natchitoches and I’ve learned to love crawfish boils!!!!


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