Day one of the Pam and Kristina Week O’ Fun!

This morning I had an interview at a temp agency. What an ego boost these interviews are. The tests they have you take are so easy and I’m a fast typer (76 wpm, baby!) so I always do well. Of course, it doesn’t mean I’ll get anything better than a $9 an hour job, but whatever. On the other hand, because of my web design and graphic design skills, they told me to contact the technical division, and they guy over there didn’t laugh in my face when I said I used to get $25 an hour for contract work. So we’ll see how that turns out.

After that, Kristina and I went to see Cat’s Meow, this kind of boring movie. Oh well. Then we went to check out this gym on the other side of town. It’s HUGE and I really want to join, but with the joining fees and monthly fees and stuff, two months would cost me $225 or something. Yeesh. So I’m going to look some more. Then we went and bought Kristina’s graduation present from my mom. And now I’m home. Okay, not the most thrilling day, but hey, better than working! Tonight we’re going to hang out with Ren and Gary and drink wine and stuff. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, hopefully my teeth won’t be so stained from red wine that they’ll notice.

Had an absolutely fantastic wonderful perfect weekend. Friday’s lunch was fun. Didn’t get the wine I wanted (oh well) but at lunch, we had two pitchers of sangria, one of which was drank pretty much solely by Erin (a girl I worked with) and I, which was fun. Three hour lunch, that turned out to be. Mmmm. Then Teresa came in town, and we went out with a bunch of George’s friends, to a bunch of dive bars on the West Bank. It was really, really fun. Didn’t get home until 5 a.m., though. Slept a little while, and Tee and I went shopping for mother’s day presents. Watched movies at George’s house later, had to go to Baton Rouge yesterday, but Kristina came with me so it was okay. Saw Spiderman. Fun.