Day three of the Pam and Kristina Week O’ Fun!

Day two was fun, too. Relaxing, mostly. Went to the dentist in the morning. It’s okay, he’s good-looking enough to take a way a little bit of the pain. But never enough. Got a shot, hate that. Hate the drooling that follows for the next four to five hours. Attractive! Whatever, though. He said next visit (the last!) probably won’t require a shot. Thank god. When I got home around noon, Kristina and Gary were at lunch, but then we just hung out on Gary’s patio for the next six hours, drank wine, played mancala, this really fun marble game. Then, because it was George’s birthday, I went over to Algiers and met him at the pub. We went to an Irish pub for dinner and hung out there for a while. It was nice. Always nice. 😀 I love the people in his neighborhood. I know a lot of them now, and they say hi when I see them and wave when they drive by. It’s a nice feeling, one you don’t often get in New Orleans. The area I live in, Uptown, is too big to be so friendly.

So today, the big plans were to get Pam a new tattoo. That’s right, a new tattoo. I have one on my left leg that I’ve had for eight or nine years, of Calvin & Hobbes. But I decided (Monday, these things have to be somewhat spur-of-the-moment, no time for being practical) to get a tattoo to commemorate the marathon. Finally decided on a design involving a Union Jack flag with a runner girl stick figure superimposed over it, with “26.2” beneath it. On my lower back. Okay, so it’s a little larger than I had originally planned, but whatever. I like it. It was without a doubt the most painful hour of my life, though. Made the marathon look like a walk in the park. Whew! And I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. But boy, this hurt! But now it’s over, so it’s okay. Now I have to tell my mom. 🙂