Well, all moved in! Not quite unpacked yet, but pretty much moved in. Actually, a few boxes (and my computer, which I suspect is being held hostage) are still at George’s, but whatever. Close enough. George picked up a few dead roaches this morning when he went to feed Stinky while I was in Baton Rouge, so we spent some time this evening covering the apartment with roach bait and the gel goo stuff. It better work or I’m moving back in with my mom. Ha ha! Woah, not really.

Haven’t run in two weeks now. But have been constantly busy, either working or moving. And that’s it. Nothing else. So I don’t feel terrible about it, but I’ve got to start again soon. Yeesh. I got Kristina’s bike, so maybe I’ll go for a ride around the Point soon.

Aaaand, I may be doing a website for some people that live here. Woo hoo! I can use my brain again, maybe!