Oooh, great race yesterday. Race for the Cure in Baton Rouge. George and I drove to BR Friday night (in his car, had to return my rental, because they’re actually going to put a new engine in my car! How stupid is that?) and ate at, appropriately enough, George’s when we got to BR. The next morning, my mom, Chris, George and I went downtown for the race. It was raining. We got there late, I didn’t get to pee before the race (sorry, but I have a small bladder!) so I was mad when it started. They had some news anchor saying a prayer at the beginning that had “Lord Jesus” or “Lord God” every other word. It was a bit much. So anyway, the race itself was pretty uneventful. There were some hills, so I walked the uphill parts, but not too much, and strangely enough, I actually finished in 36:23, which is only 12 seconds off my previous PR! I couldn’t believe it! So now I’m determined to run more, and Chris and I are going to do the Mardi Gras half marathon. Of course, this time, he doesn’t have to stay with me the whole time!