Books, books, and more books

>I have really good friends. Sometimes it’s hard to take it all in, you know? The kindness of people?

On Wednesday, I got two packages in the mail. One was from a friend of a friend – this is a girl I’ve never even met! But she sent me three adorable little ducky outfits for the triplets. She didn’t need them anymore, so I was the lucky recipient. Too bad they don’t fit me, they look comfy. tee hee! Thanks Beth! πŸ™‚

The other package was from a group of friends I have that live all over the country. The box was big and heavy (don’t worry, I didn’t move it.) I open it up, and what do I see?

The box was completely full of children’s books. Full to the brim. Almost 100 books. These girls had gotten together and sent me their favorite books from their childhood or their own kids’. It was amazing, and there were so many books in there that I loved as a kid (or during my stint as a children’s bookseller at B&N.)

Between these books, another box from another friend that came yesterday, and the books I got from my showers, these babies are going to be very literate and well-read (to).

6 thoughts on “Books, books, and more books

  1. amber

    what a cool gift! i was and still am obsessed with books so i think this is just fantastic. happy reading mom and dad! πŸ™‚


  2. Granny Karen

    Books! Oh boy! What a wonderful gift. I can’t wait to read them to the babies too. I will have to tape them as I did their daddy’s stories and get their response. This has to become a family tradition.


  3. Beth

    Glad you liked the ducks! And those books – wow! We definitely need some new additions for our library so I will be looking to you for recommendations. I’d love to hear which ones the babies like best.


  4. Andrea

    Well, I logged onto your blog, hoping to get some gender info on your babies. It would be great if you have two boys and a girl – cause I have tons & tons of twin boy clothing, and some baby girl clothing as well. I looked at the pics from your BR shower – you look great. I was really surprised at how small you really are at this time. But, it is your first pregnancy, so you may not get too, too big. (keeping in mind that you’ve got 3 in there). I have been saying prayers for you, George and your little munchkins. I know you’re at a critical stage right now, and you’re feeling tired, and unbalanced, and sore, and so on. But, it’s great that you have a doctor you love, and so many friends and family around you to support you. When do you start your NSTs & BPPs? (I’m assuming you’ll be doing those each once a week, plus seeing your doctor once a week… woo hoo, 3 appointments a week!) The NSTs are kinda uncomfortable (well, they were for me) cause you can’t really get comfortable with multiple monitors across your belly, plus, in order to get all the babie’s heart beats, you gotta lay on your back. At this stage, you probably don’t even remember what it’s like to lay on your back! (almost 7 months after the twins were born… laying on my back is the best thing in the world!)Anyway, I just left more than a comment. Sorry about that. I’m really excited for you! And, I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you, so are Oxana & Big Dan. We all send our love from chilly (but beautiful) Cleveland, Ohio!!!!xxxxooooAndrea


  5. Anonymous

    I am so happy you have this blog, it’s the only way I find out anything. YOUR MOTHER-GRANDEE [Remember me?


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