Oh, haven’t posted in a while. Not much to say. Today is my first day off since my root canal last Tuesday. Unfortunately, I can’t just laze around all day and enjoy it. I have an interview this morning, then I have to run 7 miles, then I’m meeting Sarah for lunch. Hmm, I think I made all that sound bad. I’m very glad I’ve got a job interview this morning, I’m looking forward to the run, and I can’t wait for lunch. I haven’t seen Sarah in so long, and we have lots to catch up on. I’m really looking forward to that most of all. But then I have to clean my house because my mom’s coming to stay with me tomorrow night. I’m also excited about that, but not about the cleaning part. Who would be?

I also had another interview last week, for a job I really want. I hope I get it. But we’ll see. The interview today, who knows, maybe that will pan out.