Ow. Am in pain today. Had root canal yesterday. Apparently was pretty bad, because my dentist called me today. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted to see how I was feeling! I mean, what dentist does that? Wow! I have the best dentist ever! Took a Xanax before appointment, was pretty woozy. Took a Vicodin last night, slept pretty well, but it started to hurt again this morning and again after lunch today. Am about to take another pain pill and go to sleep. I would have taken one earlier, but I went over to a neighbor’s house and helped her with her 6 week old twins. Ack! Oh my god, they are unbearably cute. I held Eoin (pronounced “Owen”) the whole time, he’s teeeeeny, smaller than his sister (Marigny) and he has wittle dimples and a teeny head and um is just so dang cute I’m using baby talk in my head. Must quit. Must take Vicodin. Must relieve horrific pain in my head. Must run 9 miles tomorrow morning, followed by job interview (oh please god, please please please i can do it) and then work. Blech. Busy day tomorrow. No time for pain!