Blog is back!

Moved the blog back here, as it won’t be a training blog anymore. At least not until the next marathon…

This weeked I worked at the ticket booth for the neighborhood home tour, and met a woman, Romie, who belongs to a running group called the 26.2 Krewe. Or something like that. I’ve seen then running around Lafreniere Park. I’m thinking about joining them. She’s supposed to send me some information. Who knows, maybe I’ll do the Mardi Gras Marathon after all! But I’ll keep the blog here for now, anyway.

Dressed up as a witch for Halloween, along with everyone else in our department. As a whole we won the “Most Original” prize in the costume contest. (Yeah, a bunch of witches…but we sang a song…) Our prize is a $50 gift certificate to the bar at the Windsor Court. Ooooh, fancy! But there were nine of us, so we may be able to afford a Sprite each. Ha. After work went to a Halloween party on my street. Fun. Hot dogs. Yum.

George and I went and saw Love Actually, a British romantic comedy. We loved it. It really was great, highly recommend. We saw a sneak preview, I think it’ll be out in two weeks or something.