Ok, ok, ok, I know, I’ve hardly posted at all lately. I was sick earlier in the week (mostly better now) and I’m getting stressed…I’m having a garage sale bright and early tomorrow morning so my living room has been crammed full of random stuff. Hopefully I’ll make a lot of money. I really just want to make enough to get some contacts. That’d be $200 or so. I have an appointment for Monday to get fitted for them, so keep yer fingers crossed.

Ah, December…so busy. Garage sale tomorrow, and then we’re going to see a show tomorrow night. (Band playing Beatles covers, yay!) Next Thursday is the office Christmas party. Friday is carolling. Saturday is the Celebration in the Oaks 2 mile run. Followed by the Algiers Point bonfire. Then the following Friday is the bonfire in Gramercy, which we’re getting bused to by work. Oooh, fun! And also secret Santa stuff at work. Yay! God, I love Christmas, even if it is exhausting. Plus I need to mail my Christmas cards. And finish making the Christmas presents I’m making (which, I must say, I’m quite proud of.) And Skip’s coming in town from the 18-22nd, yay! And doing Christmas with my mom on the 21st. She says she has a very special present for me. Hmmm….mysterious.

Mostly I just can’t wait to take off these glasses and put in contacts!

And I went to the gym with Terry on Wednesday. For the past two weeks, since the 5K, that has been *it*. Gaa!