Bad Pam for not posting more! Lesssseeeee, how was my weekend? Oh yeah, tiring. But fun and somewhat fruitful. Teresa came in Friday night to help me get the stuff together for the garage sale. Lots of stuff. We were up until 2 am or something obscene pricing stuff, picking up stuff, putting up signs, etc, etc. And then had to get up at 4:45 (hence 2 am being obscene) to start bringing everything outside. The thing is, it was really cold. Very cold. (By our standards.) So the crowds stayed away. But managed to sell most of the stuff, though not many clothes, which I had by far the most of. Whatever. I made about $200, a lot less than I wanted to, but enough for an eye exam so I can get contacts. Yay!

Took a long nap after the sale, then went across the river with George and his friend Stacy to see a band. One of the members of the band works with George, and when we went to see them a few months ago with Polly and Colin, they mentioned a Beatles tribute night. Well, that was it. It was so much fun – I even danced! Gaa! Okay, obviously I had several pints of cider. Must do to dance.

Got my Christmas tree on Sunday. Pretty. Smells good. Yay. Decorated it. Yay, yay, yay.

But all of this pales in comparison to the most exciting news (drumroll…)

…Kristina’s coming to visit! Tomorrow!! Her temp job ended today and last night we booked the ticket and yay yay yay! And I get to take Friday off work, and we’re going to Brennan’s for breakfast, and yay yay yay! But now I have to clean my house. Agh. I hate cleaning. I am not so good at it. I am messy. I also came to the disturbing and disheartening revelation that I am not only messy, I’m dirty. Blech. Well, not personally. I bathe every day. Perhaps I spend too much attention to my personal hygiene and not enough to the cleanliness of my house. I don’t dust. I don’t clean the grime out of the corners. I do vacuum and occasionally mop. I wait far too long before doing dishes. They do pile up in the sink. I don’t clean the crumbs out of my toaster oven. I leave toothpaste goo in the sink. Used floss is near the trashcan by my bed, if not completely in. Aaagh, I’m groossssss!

Well, perhaps realization is the first step. (I think I’ve been in denial long enough.) So tonight I’m actually going to clean. As much as I can without wanting to die of boredom. (It’s so dull, even if it is quite satisfying when it’s all done. Yeesh.)

Okay, will stop at store to get some furniture polish and windex and then will have my way with my messy, dirty house. At least I did the dishes on Sunday.