Another post! Another post! Dang, I’m good. It was a very busy five days, and there was no time for posting. Eating was our highest priority. Amazing, then, that I did well at the race on Saturday.

Kristina came in on Wednesday afternoon. After I picked her up from the airport, we had a snack at Denny’s. Went back to my house, went to the pub for a drink, and then to have sushi at Cafe Zen. Afterwards, we met Alicia out and she and Kristina played pool, as they always did. I won $2 at video poker. Woo!

I had to work on Thursday, and it was also the Christmas party. Kristina dropped me off at work, and while I was slaving away, she shopped, hung out with Alicia, saw a movie. Then she met me at work for the party. It was fun, and the food (ahem) was yummy. Some guy named Bob had his truck backed up to the door, and on the flatbed was an assortment of liqueurs and such. He gave us Frangelico. We mixed it with milk from the vending machine, which was yummy, but Kristina thought it tasted like hazelnut coffee creamer. Ah well. After the party, we headed to the Mayfair, where Alicia met us. I do miss the Mayfair, and I found out that Liz, the bartender, also lives in Algiers Point. Nice.

On Friday we had reservations at Brennan’s for breakfast, along with a gift certificate for $100. Still, two of us managed to spend $125 on breakfast. But it was so good. Oyster soup, some yummy egg dishes, and Bananas Foster and crepes for dessert. And coffee. And mimosas, of course. Yum. So after gorging ourselves (again), we walked around the French Quarter, quite a bit. Bought some Christmas presents, and later, after we had digested breakfast, we had a dozen oysters at Felix’s. Yum.

Kristina was tired, so instead of going out that night, we went to the pub briefly, ate Vietnamese for dinner, rented movies and then watched them. Ooooh, really really good movies. Gigli and How to Deal. Woah.

Saturday was grey and icky, but we had plans! Went to Port of Call for lunch. Kristina and George had the burgers and since I was running in the race later, I only had pizza. After lunch, we went to Magazine St to look for more Christmas presents. George bought a bunch, K and I didn’t have so much luck.

Afterwards, we went to City Park for the race. It was getting really cold by then. We met up with Polly and Colin. Polly and I ran the race. She ran beside me the whole time (and she said I’d beat her – ha!) and beat me by one second. (Uh, I let her win!) It was fun, though, and I beat my PR by 30 seconds, which was the whole point. Yay!

After the race, Kristina and I went back to my house, where I showered and we drank a bottle of wine. Then we went to the bonfire, but we didn’t stay long. It had burned out a little and I had left George at his house accidentally. (I am a bad girlfriend! Very forgetful.) So we went to the pub and hung out for a while, and went over to Ross and Raul’s for a while, and then to the Half Moon. I slept on the couch. I really don’t like it there, so I’m glad they got a couch so I could nap! Ha ha.

Oh yeah, and on Friday I got my contacts. Soft contacts are so hard to get in and out! But I’m getting better at it.

Yesterday, Kristina went home. We ate at Panda King, our favorite Chinese buffet, before I brought her to the airport. Santa was there, and he said I’d get everything I wanted for Christmas. Hmm….