First WW meeting today

So today’s the big day. Weight Watchers. Oh, also, the big boss of the company is going to be here. So I wore a skirt and put makeup on instead of looking like a slob. Go me! Fancy Pam.

We put in our back-up offer on Monday for the house-that-won’t-be-ours. We are supposed to hear back today if they accept the back-up offer, but what’s the point, really, unless the primary contract falls through. (please fall through, please fall through, oh god, i’m going to hell for wishing misfortune upon others. at the very least, the house will fall down if we get it. maybe this is all for the best.)

After Mardi Gras, there are supposed to be more houses on the market. And probably more buyers, too. I hate the whole cut-throat business of buying a house. I am just not that competitive. I get all nervous and anxiety-ridden. But must keep on, or we’ll never get a house.

Speaking of Mardi Gras, someone brought in a king cake today. Our last king cake. How much fun is this weekend going to be if I’m going to be counting points the whole time? Well, at least running for 30 minutes in the morning gets me five more points. Yay, incentive to go to the gym! Ooh, and I’m going to see what the half-marathon’s going to do. Ah, looks like 18-20 points. Hmm. Now I’m going to see what I would have gotten for running the marathon in October… Hmm, off the scale. Probably about 45. Daaang.