House stuff

It’s all coming together, slowly but surely. Went to the house last night and got everything out. Today is the hellish part, cleaning. There’s just so much crap. Dust bunnies, hair pins, pennies, paper clips, safety pins. How did I live in that place? Oh yeah, all that stuff was hidden under furniture. I’ll just be glad to be done with that place, so I can concentrate on the house.

And then, last night, while at the apartment, I was fiddling with the neckline of my t-shirt and the chain that my diamond pendant hangs from snapped. Pooh. I’ll probably have to buy a new one, I doubt the warranty covers my stupidity.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and I wonder how this week’s frenzy of eating crap (not to be confused with the crap on the floor of my apartment) will be reflected in my weight tomorrow. Hmm.

Chris is coming to visit on Friday. Am very excited to see him. Hope he doesn’t mind staying amid boxes and boxes and boxes. I had hoped that his visit would inspire me to be completely unpacked and moved in. Ha! Not that I wouldn’t love to be, but it just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry, Christopher.

Get to see Ren and Gary this weekend, too. Am v. excited about that too. The last time I saw them was I think last May at Kettie’s wedding. I think. No, duh, in October at the marathon. Well, whenever it was, it was a long time ago. Wonder if her tummy is sticking out yet. We (Kristina and I) always said Ren would make the cutest pregnant woman.

Oooh! And speaking of pregnant women, Terry is in the hospital as we speak, having her baby! Yay! I called her cell phone yesterday and her husband Robert answered the phone. I asked to speak to her and he said I couldn’t, because they were at the hospital yay yay yay!