For the first time in a while, I think, I had a weekend where I had to do nothing but reeeelllaaaaxxxx. It was nice. After work on Friday, George and I took Polly and Colin’s dog for a walk, then went to have sushi for dinner. Then we went to the pub (but I only had one beer on account of my antibiotics) and then home. Nice and relaxing.

On Saturday we walked the dog, went to Home Depot, had to rush home because our alarm was going off, then go back to Home Depot to get stuff for the house. Then to Winn-Dixie for groceries. (See how relaxing? I’m putting you to sleep it’s so…well, okay, boring.) Then I made a gorgeous, gourmet-like salad for dinner. On a bed of baby spinach, I placed a piece of grilled tilapia. In the salad I mixed some vinaigrette and feta and sliced almonds and dried blueberries. Yum! And pretty low-pointy.

Yesterday we did a few things around the house, walked dog, then I went and saw Mean Girls (which I enjoyed, but not as much as I thought) and then to another wedding shower for my friend Mandy. I only had eaten eight points worth of food until that point, so I didn’t feel too bad eating cake, etc.

Fascinating, eh? Tonight we’re going to see Shrek 2. Yay! I am going to try to eat few points so I can get candy at the movie theater. Yum!

Regarding my sinus troubles, yesterday during the movie my ear did some weird poppy thing and I don’t know if it’s because everything’s finally going somewhere (sinuses are gross) or what, but at least I haven’t been waking up snotty. And I have barely sneezed all weekend!