Am starving. Have been starving all morning. Probably because Polly and I went running this morning. Have gotten unused to morning exercise in the past few weeks. But as of this morning, I weigh .6 lbs less than last week. Not a spectacular loss, but better than nothing. I hope tomorrow it’s even less, but it’s okay if it’s not.

I really want to go back to the gym soon to see what I weigh on their scale. I haven’t been on it since before I started WW, I think, so I want to see what it says. That will give me a better idea of how much weight I’ve lost since I started.

Last night, George and I and eight of our friends went to see Shrek 2. It was good. I highly recommend. (Even if you haven’t seen the first Shrek, but if you haven’t you really should rent that as well.)

Hungry. Have already eaten cereal for breakfast and as snack, and a 2 point turkey/ham sandwich. And it’s not even 11 yet. Sigh. And I have 18 dollars in my checking account until my next payday. Well, I do have a secret stash but I’m not ready to deposit that just yet. Anne’s coming in this weekend and we’re going to eat at the Chimes, our favorite restaurant/bar from college. Many, many, many happy hours have been spent there. (Not happy hours, but happy as in pleasant hours.) Another reason I’m looking forward to her visit is she’s bringing me some of Kristina’s clothes that don’t fit her anymore and that might fit me now. Hard to say, though, because I have about six inches on Kristina in height. Oh well, the pants will be capris and the dresses will be shirts. Whatever.