July 27, 2004

Still a little sick today, but nothing major. Just the remnants of a cold. Blah.

Had a tiring weekend. Especially tiring because of illness. Saturday had sushi with my sister and some of her friends. Then drove to Baton Rouge. Got a manicure with mom and sister, went to uncle’s house, went to dinner.

Sunday was my sister’s shower. Got lots of compliments on my new dress. Love my new dress. It was the first time I’ve seen a bunch of my relatives since I started WW, so I got lots of compliments on how I looked, too. Always nice to hear.

Yesterday my sister took her bridal portraits. I went along. Then we went to lunch. Then I went back to New Orleans. Last night I went to a friend from work’s house and ate my weight in finger sandwiches, mini quiches and potato chips. I woke up full this morning. Bleeeggghhh. Nevertheless, I expect to see a loss this week. (Even after the orgy of food last night I weighed a bit less this morning. So keep fingers crossed.)

Tonight I babysit my cousin Max. He’s 13 months old and very cute. I saw him Saturday at my uncle’s house in Baton Rouge and tonight I’ll be babysitting him at my uncle’s condo on Bourbon Street. Yeah, babies and Bourbon Street! What a perfect match!