July 28, 2004

And now I can reveal my big secret…

I got a new job!

It’s at the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Yes, I am going to be a good Catholic girl! (Oh wait, I already am!) I will be the Coordinator of Internet Services and I’m going to make lots more money and I will be able to pay my bills without stress! And the hours are good (8-4) and I’ll get a window office (7th floor but probably overlooking the interstate) and I’ll get to do some design work. But I’ll really really miss the people I work with here. I love the people I work with now. But I’ll still see them. After all, Janice and I belong to Curves together and we’re going to take dance classes together. So it’ll be okay.

On another note, last night I babysat my cousin Max who is the cutest baby on earth. (Oops, in case any of my friends with new babies are reading this, I mean it about your baby too!) He was babbling and cooing and giggling and all the cute stuff that 13 month olds do. He walks but only if you give him a finger to hold. It’s heart-melting stuff, I gotta say.

Well, now I’ve got to write a training manual for my job. Gah!