Alright, alright, sister dear. Sooo sorry if my blog is booorrring now that I have a new job. Don’t you have a wedding to plan? Sheesh.

Am sore today from being a dancer yesterday. Went to Curves after work today and am now even more sore. Sigh.

Actually, it’s not just my blog that is boring, I’m boring too! Well, let me think…

Yeah, really there’s nothing. Tomorrow night George is taking me to dinner for no reason whatsoever…that’s always nice. Maybe I’ll have something exciting to say after that.

Oh wait, I thought of something. At Curves today I answered the question right and got a manicure set. That was sorta exciting. (When it’s busy they’ll ask trivia-type questions and if you answer correctly, you get a prize. I was rather hoping for a sweatband for my head – tee hee – because my bangs make my forehead sweat, but alas.)

I think I’m going to have a frozen cherry bar now. Must go back to Whole Foods and get some more. Sunday afternoon, I bought two boxes. That’s eight cherry bars. I think I have two left. I am addicted. I suppose it could be worse. At least it’s real fruit. Chunks of cherries. Yum.