Dec 22, 2004

Okay, fine. My sister is not totally evil. Did you see those comments from yesterday? Didn’t I tell you Paula would remember all that? Yes, because we go waaaay back. To first grade. Amazing, eh? Who else knew me when my obsessive nature began? For it was Paula whose mom took us to our first concert, in the fourth grade. At the tender age of nine, we were kissing the television screen whenever a Julian Lennon video came on. Sigh…what a fox!

Went to Curves yesterday and had my monthly weigh-in and measurement. Lost an inch overall, which I was not expecting due to my holiday Weight Watchers philosophy. (Don’t count the candy, brownies, cookies, cake, etc – just the real food.) I tell ya, it’s been liberating not having to stress so much over the holidays. My goal was just to stay within 4 or 5 pounds of my lowest weight, and that’s been no problem. And I’m actually sort of looking forward to detoxing after New Year’s. (Or my birthday. I’m gonna be thirty, I should be able to eat chocolate for abandon.) But seriously. My teeth will thank me.

Can’t believe Christmas is in four days. Also can’t believe that my Christmas present from George is in the garage and I haven’t peeked! The tremendous amount of willpower that takes on my part amazes me. Surely, if I can complete two marathons, if I can quit smoking, if I can lose weight, I can avoid peeking at my Christmas present! But it’s so hard.