January 5, 2005

Forgot to weigh in this morning! Bad Pam. But once I’ve had my coffee and toast, the window of opportunity for weighing oneself has definitely closed. (Coffee is heavy! So is toast! Who knows how that might skew my results?) So tomorrow I will hopefully have some decent news. I have a bad feeling that my body is all of a sudden realizing exactly how much crap I ate over the holidays. (Chocolate? Don’t-mind-if-I-do! Sugar cookies? Why sure! Uncle Greg’s crab and oyster tartlets? Bring ’em on! And that was just Christmas day.) Anyway, if I don’t post a loss tomorrow, it won’t be the end of the world. (That’s Sunday, when I turn 30. Ha ha ONLY KIDDING.)

Last night I had my dance class. Finally I seem to be improving a bit. Or else my teacher is taking pity on me and doing easy stuff. Whatever. I need some new tap shoes, though. Maybe I’ll get some for myself for my birthday. But is that really necessary? Two pairs of tap shoes when I only use them for half a class, once a week? And not even during the summer? I might have to start tapping in the French Quarter for some extra money anyway, so perhaps it would be a wise investment.

Also, Polly and I started running again on Monday. I’m going to be training for the Mardi Gras half-marathon at the end of February. Mardi Gras is only about a month away now! Crazy.