Hmm. I suppose I should write something since I haven’t been writing much lately. (Apologies to my many fans. Tee hee! Kidding.)

The mystery of the iPod socks has been solved. Thank you Chris! And nice try Mike on taking credit for them. I guess your gift got lost in the mail. Ha ha! Kidding again! I’m a laugh a minute, eh? A riot.

It’s been a lovely, relaxing three day weekend. Friday after work I went for a run (3.6 miles daaaang!) in Audubon Park with my iPod and new armband holder. I promise I would not have been able to run so far without the trusty iPod. I would have died of boredom before making it around the loop twice. Then I babysat my cousin Max for a few hours. This involved watching A Bugs Life, which is never a hardship. Of course, we did watch the end about fourteen times because any movement away from the DVD player would have meant instant tears and his dad was working in the back and didn’t want to disturb him, etc, etc. Anyway, I am determined to be Max’s favorite cousin, even if it means watching the end of a movie forty-three times. Totally worth it.

On Saturday morning I went to help my old boss Sarah over at MardiGrasStore.com for a bit of extra moolah. Not bad, and we had Indian buffet for lunch afterwards. Yummmy. And it was good to see Sarah, haven’t seen her in almost two years, I think. She’s never even met George! We started dating right before I left MGS.

Anyway. Saturday afternoon was spent working on the garage room with George. Yesterday we went to a movie (In Good Company, highly recommend, though the ten-year-olds in front of us didn’t seem to enjoy it so much.) and then to Whole Foods. And then today I went for another run, at a different park, and I went a little over 3 miles this time. Twice in four days, must be a new record.

Back to work tomorrow. Boo hoo. I think every Monday should be a holiday. Hoorah!