Sheesh. You’d think it was the hardest thing in the world to type “/blog” with the amount of complaints I’ve been getting. tee hee. Okay, sorry I will try to remember to fix the link. Have to do it at home.

Big fancy bridal show tonight. I wanna win stuff! I like winning. I also want free samples. And a goody bag. All of the fun stuff that goes with big shows like this. I want a big sticker that says “BRIDE”. I want a pink carnation. Something. Anything.

I am sorry, too, if I have opened up a small can of worms by mentioning that there is a NEW SEASON OF DOCTOR WHO, to those of you reading who have nerdy, sci-fi-obsessed significant others. (I apologize specifically to my sister’s brother-in-law’s girlfriend. I truly am sorry. Make sure he doesn’t read this or any British media.
Otherwise you’re screwed.)

Actually, it isn’t as bad as the others. It’s more modern, the Doctor is kinda sexy, and the sets don’t wobble. And the costumes aren’t made of garbage cans and toilet plungers. Not yet anyway. So you may be able to sit through 45 minutes each week of the geekiest of the geeky television shows. It’s worth it to make your geek happy.

***now an update since I’m reposting this on Friday***

Went to the bridal show last night. Didn’t win anything. As it was held in Kenner, it was attended by only the klassiest of brides. Ah well, it was fun anyway, if for no other reason than to make fun of people. It’s fun to be catty!

Am very tired this morning, though. And have to drive to Baton Rouge tonight. And back. Even though I’m looking forward to the wedding, I’m not looking forward to the drive. Will have to try to convince George to drive part of the way so I can snooooooze. zzzzzz.