I was going to post this in the comments, but decided to just make a new post.

Well, since we live in Orleans Parish, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get in for a while, even though we’re on the west bank. George is itching to get back in, but I refuse to go back until the east bank is secure and dry and safe. Unfortunately, George seems to be more concerned about our stuff than his safety. Let’s hope I can convince him not to go.

Mike – nice try on the Morrissey thing.

Paula – I think Metairie is relatively safe, but I still would strongly discourage him if you can. I just don’t think anything is worth the risk. I think they’re saying Thursday now instead of Monday.

I am most scared of cleaning out our fridge. Har har. And George said he bagged up the trash but didn’t take it out before he left on Saturday. Bleeeggggh. Maggots! Grody. But hey, at least we have maggots to go back to, right?

Our friend Colin made it to Baton Rouge yesterday. He’s a Sheriff’s deputy. The horror he witnessed will make your hair stand on end. I am so so so happy he is here safe and reunited with Polly.

George and I are seriously considering coming up to the DC area for a few weeks. It’s getting really claustrophobic at my mom’s house and just in Baton Rouge in general. Our jobs are secure, and I really want to get George as far from New Orleans as possible. I just don’t want him trying to get in. Sigh.