It’s so weird. All of it. Almost a week has passed. Heck, it has been a week since we came to my mom’s house, just for a few days, we thought. Yeah, right. I’d have brought more clothes had I known. Har har.

I was at Target this evening and behind me in line was an elderly man with his son or grandson. The grand/son went to get him some razors and while we were waiting in line, the man asked me where I was from. I said Algiers and he said he was from Chalmette. Chalmette, in case you don’t know, is gone. I read that 96% of all of the homes are under water. Under a lot of water.

I haven’t cried that much over this stupid hurricane. Only when Polly and Colin left this morning and after I left Target. The man was so sad, so broken. Everything he had was gone. It was just so sad to talk to someone who really has lost everything. I wish George had been in line with me. I wish he could understand that we are so incredibly lucky. We only have to wait and we’ll get to go home again. Mostly likely, our home is okay, and our “stuff” is still there, waiting for us.

Just babbling about the sadness of it all.

My friends are everywhere. Regan has moved to Austin, probably forever. Who knows when we’ll see our friends again? I hope they’ll be able to make it to the wedding. Which, in case anyone is wondering, is most likely still going to take place on November 12 as planned, but probably in Baton Rouge at my Uncle Greg and Aunt Caroline’s new massive house. Thank goodness they just bought it! Ha ha.

Ready to head to northern Virginia. Want to be around normalcy for a little while.