Haven’t really mentioned the wedding much, but I think we’ve agreed to just move it to Baton Rouge. I have come to realize that I just don’t care where it is. As long as it happens, who really cares where it is? My very generous Uncle Greg and Aunt Caroline have volunteered (oh okay, maybe I asked) their beautiful and huge home for the reception. We’re going to look for a church for the ceremony, so once we can get that set, we can start making all of the other arrangements.

At the moment, the date will still be November 12, so if you were planning on coming to New Orleans for the wedding, please plan on coming to Baton Rouge instead. It is more important for us than ever to see our friends and family, all in one place. We miss everyone so much.

And the best part is…no guest list stress! (Well, I’m not stressing about it, that’s for sure.)

PS We’re going to have a huge freakin’ party when we all get back to New Orleans, for those who can’t make the wedding.