Okay, so you want the Linens ‘N’ Things story? You got it…

A coworker gave me a very generous gift card to LNT. I wanted to use it to buy a featherbed, some linen napkins for Christmas dinner, and a turkey baster to aid in the cooking of my festive bird. I was perusing the site online on December 22nd when I noticed they have “in-store pickup” available. So I ordered my three items and opted to pick them up in the store near our house.

Everything’s in stock, yay! So I eagerly await my email saying the items are ready to be picked up. Meanwhile, my gift card is charged the total for my order.

No email comes, so I go to the LNT website to track my order. Everything’s been cancelled! Oh, thanks for telling me, LNT. To add insult to injury, my gift card has not been credited back the amount of my purchase. So I call up Customer Service (what a joke) and describe what has happened. The faux-helpful woman on the other end said my card would be credited within a day or two. So I figure, I’ll just go back on Saturday to get what I wanted.

But no. The card is not credited. On Monday, I call CS again and am told there is no mention of this on my order notes. I was lied to.

It’s now Thursday, and I still can’t spend my gift card. Because of a fault with the LNT crappy website, they have taken my money and won’t give it back. Possibly for 7-10 business days. They suck. SUCK SUCK SUCK.

Whew, I almost feel better now.

UP WITH BED BATH & BEYOND! DOWN WITH LINENS ‘N’ THINGS! At least an ampersand makes sense.