I did make a good choice of spouse. Today I came home FROM THE GYM (yes, you read that right) and I had a new monitor on my desk! It was a birthday present and very much needed, even though I’m about to get a new laptop (I hope a laptop and not a desktop.) My old monitor was popping and crackling and generally telling me it wants to burn our house down.

Yay for big screen, but small monitor! I actually have room on my desk to rest my forearms whilst typing. I think that is important.

So it was exciting to go to the gym because when I got there, so did Polly and Colin – they joined today! And I got a free t-shirt! Hee hee. It wasn’t a surprise that they were there, Polly had called me earlier to tell me, but it was still exciting. And I got her a Sixteen Candles calendar at B&N because it is so very her. That was before I knew they were joining my gym.

Okay, okay, that’s just the wine talking. I should go. I have to eat all the candy and drink all the wine in the house before I start South Beach next week. I’m going to get this sugar monkey off my back once and for all!!!