So who was surprised by the best picture winner last night? Yeah, yeah. I was more surprised by that big monsterous thing that was on Charlize Theron’s shoulder. Well, maybe frightened is more accurate. Sheesh. That was scary.

I have now discovered a new talent of mine. Pizza making. Yes indeedy. Who’s have thought? I made pizza dough from scratch this weekend and it was insanely delicious. My second batch wasn’t quite as good as the first (note: pastry flour is NOT to be used in pizza crust, but where was the bread flour at Whole Foods?) but still yummy. If I wasn’t slightly sick of pizza right now, I would totally try to find some bread flour (as opposed to all-purpose flour) and make another batch, but I don’t think I can. Oh wait, I think I will on Wednesday night for Project Runway. Woo! Project Runway finale!

We also drank green beer yesterday. That’s a first for me. I have a problem with artificially colored food/beverages normally, and by that I don’t mean foods that are artificially colored normally. We went to “Friendship Day” on the levee near our house. It’s really a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but I’m not exactly sure why it’s called Friendship Day. Whatever. Free beer and sitting on the levee getting my first minor sunburn of the year. It’s good stuff.

Also, I channeled my inner Pottery Barn decorator and did this in our kitchen:

(inspiration from PB:)

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