Happy Valentine’s Day!

After my last entry, dear Mom came to the rescue and stayed with us a couple of nights so I could get a bit of a break. Thanks Mommy!

The boys wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks Aunt Jenny for our onesies. Good thing V-day isn’t any later, they barely fit. Am I going to have to start putting these guys in 3-6 month clothes already?

7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Paulette

    They are so beautiful and Identicle!! How very precious. I love following your blog. Happy love day with your precious babies.


  2. rachael

    I love the onesies, I almost bought the same ones for my triplets! I cannot believe how big those little guys are getting!


  3. hadley

    Hooray for Grandee! And look at those precious puffy tummies! Yep, better get the 3-6 month attire ready! Hooray for healthy happy trippies! I miss them. Pout.


  4. Cindi

    Your boys are absolutely adorable! Did you find out yet if they’re identical? Or did I miss that?I admire your attitude about being the mom of triplets. Some people would really have a difficult time dealing with it, but it seems like you’re doing great. It definitely helps when you have a strong support system too!


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