Picking the RKT

I’ve been asked quite a few times how I intend to pick RKT (Random Kocke Triplet) for this weekend’s trip to Virginia. I got some good suggestions.

Regan suggested a baby race. “Line them babies up and first one to scoot to you wins a free trip to DC.”

That definitely paints a hilarious mental picture, mostly of babies wriggling in circles and then giving up and just sucking on each other’s feet before falling asleep in puddles of drool. Unfortunately, since only Linus is an adept scooter, I think it would give him an unfair advantage.

Shannon suggests I “place each of them in a swing, bouncy seat, whatever…then blindfold yourself and have George spin you around in circles to disorient you…then turn you loose. Whichever swing/seat you touch first determines the RKT.”

Again, not a bad idea, except that I can see this ending in disaster. Blindfolded and dizzy, I trip and fall on top of one of the triplets, or fall down the stairs. I fear I am not coordinated enough for this method.

Instead, I think I will use Rachael‘s idea, and simply write their names down on pieces of paper, fold them and put them in a hat, and draw a name. I shall have Teresa video this so that you can see just how fair I’m being. Keep your eyes peeled for possibly the most boring video ever made!

In other news, look at these pictures that Chris took of the boys when he was here last week. Awww!

Linus, Oliver, Miles: (click to enlarge)

5 thoughts on “Picking the RKT

  1. Robert

    While I personally like the dizzy method, I have to say that the name out of a hat will be the most fair (and safe).
    Video evidence is important in case of later in life therapy sessions for one of the UPRKT (UnPicked Random Kocke Triplet) who blames you for all of his problems because you didn’t love him enough to take him to DC. Always remember, documentation is key!


  2. katie

    haha i liked the dizzy method too 🙂 but to be fair I would pull a name too…you could always do that generated number online…have it choose a number b/w 1 and 3 and just assign the boys a number…ahh..just pull a name from a hat…too much thought put into this huh?


  3. michele

    i just found a link to your site from a blog in 2006, where you said you do monograms. do you still make them, and how much do you charge?
    btw, your boys are adorable!


  4. Megan

    OMG…Pam they are getting so cute! I love the idea of the baby race. How about whichever one sleeps the longest for you at the next nap or tonight? :o) I hope you have a great trip!


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