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I do need to post, it’s been a few days. I just don’t feel like I have a lot to say right now. So I’ll use bullets.

– Yesterday, I took the boys to the ENT for their follow-up after their tubes. All is well!

– Oooh, this is exciting…I got a ticket to go visit my brother and SIL and niece Ellie in Los Angeles in March. I am very much hoping we’ll get to meet Cindy and Brian and their triplets. (They’re just a few days younger than my boys!) I’m bringing Linus with me, because he is my brother and SIL’s godson. That’s fair, right?

– Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 34. Please gasp in amazement, for I barely look 24, right? RIGHT? My mom’s coming to watch the boys so we can go to a movie. Yay!

Enough talking, how about some pictures from this weekend?
Here’s what happens when I leave the playroom…

Linus and Oliver:



Linus again:

Babies playing peacefully (?):

8 thoughts on “New post

  1. Marie

    Love the pics! I get the same trio at the gate when I try to leave the play area too. And Happy Birthday! Mine was on the 7th!

    Love the updates on the boys and yea for you for getting to go to LA!


  2. ValarieW

    Hello Pam- I’m a new lurker to the blog and am really enjoying it. Your family is truely beautiful and I almost feel bad writing because I imagine you’re so busy. I feel compelled to report however that I’m obsessed with the curtains in the boys nursery. Weird right? Any chance you could mention where you got them, or what store sold the fabric sometime? A good close up? I realize it’s a long shot, but I just had to ask.
    And Happy Birthday!


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