A Sunday in New Orleans (in pictures)

Sunday was rainy, but I was determined to take the boys to the French Quarter for Family Day at my friend Teresa’s place of employment, a museum. Plus, I needed to get a “New Orleans-y” picture of the boys for something for work. So the rain eventually slacked off and we (me, the boys, and a few friends) headed over. We got caught in a few scattered showers, but overall it was a decent day.

Here are some pictures from the beginning…

At first we just had Linus,

but then George’s parents brought the other two home, so I had all my boys together. Here are my attempts at a group photo…

Oliver is crying. His brothers are wondering why.
Oliver, get up, man....

Okay, this is not meant to be.

Linus got a lot of mommy time this weekend

He was having a hard time letting go…

Love this kid…(my friend’s son Liam)

So anyway. We go to the museum. Right before we left, they gave us all the balloons they’d used to decorate. Because, you know, we’re not enough of a spectacle…

Finally, we stopped and I got a decent pic. Not sure if it’s really New Orleans-y, but whateverrrrr. Also, I had to photoshop three pictures together to get this one. Heh.

Still need to post about Saturday – me and Linus went and ran some errands. I was so delightfully normal with my one kid! And then we went to my friend Mandy’s house where he played with her daughter Annabel and I got to have girly chat with Mandy and our friend Melissa. But I need to retrieve the pictures off my camera still, so that will be a later post.

7 thoughts on “A Sunday in New Orleans (in pictures)

  1. Pam,
    These pics are very cute! I love the ones of the trio in their choo choo and all the balloons! How many stares did you get? LOL Kris


  2. Your boys are just beyond cute. The balloons pics look like they should be in a magazine. I loved when poor Oliver was crying and Miles and Linus were just confused.


  3. Very cute photos! The boys are adorable as always. I love the ones with the balloons, looks very festive and New Orleans-y to me. Awesome job on the photo-shopped photo, would have never know.


  4. Wow… you photoshopped the last one? Crazy. But, awesome pic!

    LMAO at the spectacle comment. I can’t imagine the stares you must get when out with these cuties and then all those freaking balloons.


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