What a week….just glad it’s nearly over. I’ve been swamped at work, and the boys (ahem, LINUS) haven’t been sleeping great. Not that I’ll get a break this weekend, but I’d rather be swamped with cute little 17 month olds than a pile of paperwork. And we’re going to hang out with Anne and Bill and Whitman tomorrow. And there will be raw oysters for lunch. So much to look forward to!

I got a haircut earlier this week, too. And I started WW yesterday. So Operation De-Shlumpify Pam has begun! Just in time for my mom’s wedding in August.

The haircut:

In sad news, please keep my friend A’s husband in your thoughts and prayers, if you are so inclined. He is very, very ill. They have several children and another on the way, which just makes it all the more awful. I am sick just thinking about it. So please, send good thoughts their way. I just saw them together a few weeks ago, and I can’t imagine this big, vital, healthy man, weak and in the ICU. It’s just too awful. So please.

3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. mpannek

    Love the new haircut!!! I’m in the De-schlumpify mode too. I just bought an elliptical last weekend. However, it’s still in the box… NICE!


  2. Paula

    Mom’s getting married?!?!? Congrats!! We should take her out on the town to a scrabble tournament. LOVE the haircut!


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