Surreal experience today

Okay, this was weird.

So my mom and I were at the mall in Baton Rouge today with the boys. As we were leaving Dillard’s, we were stopped by someone asking if they were triplets. Yeah, yeah, that never happens, right? Well, THIS never happens….

Identical Triplets, times 2

It was a mom with her identical triplet daughters! Looky! Isn’t that amazing? What are the odds? (And they have an older sister too, so mom is extra awesome in my book.)

I was too dumbfounded to ask the girls the questions I really wanted to (including their names) but I hope they will read this and leave a comment so I can bombard them with questions about school and their childhood and all that good stuff. I mean, seriously. What are the odds?!?!?

24 thoughts on “Surreal experience today

  1. Maria Carlson

    How cool is that!! What fun to see what your life will be like (although with boys πŸ˜‰ ). It was very fun of you to take a picture of each girl with each boy. Very cute! πŸ˜€

    Yes, hoping they check out your blog and you can begin to chat with them!
    -Maria (from TC)


  2. Helen

    How cool! I love that you had your camera so could get a picture of them with your boys! Seems like whenever I run into a grown triplet they’re by themselves.


  3. Helene

    What are the chances, right? That is SO cool! Stopping by from MoM’s to say hi…congrats on being the featured blogger today!


  4. Victoria

    Hi im Victoria(or Tori like it matters) im the triplet in the green shirt standing behind oliver the middle triplet(im the middle triplet too)it’s great to know that there are more of us out there. Linus,Oliver,and Miles are so cute. Finally there is a club for this! Can’t wait to meet more of us


  5. Angie

    Hello to all of you.

    I’m Gabriella’s (Gabby), Victoria’s (Tori), and Alessandra’s (Ally) mom. It was really nice meeting Pam, her mom, Linus, Oliver, and Miles yesterday at the Mall. The boys are so beautiful. Enjoy each day. The pass very fast. Life is really hectic for all of us. It is hard to remember when my girls were that little. We are all so lucky. We definitely have a special mission in this world.

    My husband, Gabe and I have an older daughter. Her name is Camilla. She will turn 20 in September. Gabby, Tori, and Ally will turn 15 on May 31st.

    The girls got really excited when they saw this website. I think Tori already send a short note.

    Let’s keep in touch!


  6. Grandee

    To Angie,
    What beautiful daughters you have- not excluding Camilla. Seem also to be very sweet. Pam and I were so happy to meet you. It’s nice to meet someone who survived their triplets.
    Happy Birthday to Gabby, Tory and Ally.
    Dee Mather


  7. Angie R.

    Gabby, Tori, Ally, and Camilla would love to babysit!!! (I guess there is more than one Angie. I will be Angie R. from now on…)


  8. Safire

    Wow, great odds! And it’s so cool that they found your website and wrote back. πŸ™‚ I love the internet. I enjoyed reading your feature yesterday.


  9. Samanthtucker

    lol that is awesome! πŸ˜€ im a triplet as well (identical) with an older sister. And weve yet to meet another full set of triplets.Β  We’d love to meet another set,Β and we know we will one day. So no rush but hey Were the Tucker triplets (samantha- Desirae and rachel tucker) from central michigan if anybody would like to talk. take care everybody πŸ˜€


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