Allow me to be weepy…

Do you remember, back in May, when I asked for thoughts and prayers for my friend A’s husband, who was very very very ill? Like, didn’t think he was going to live, ill?

I’m so very very happy to share this story. I’m sitting here at my desk with happy tears rolling down my face.

An excerpt from the story…

Murphy, who’s led the team in the Ritz kitchen for the past six years, had contracted a very rare bacterial infection.  The infection led to toxic shock syndrome, which took control of his organs and destroyed the tissue in his body. Matt was, to put it bluntly, on death’s door, because of a simple fall.

“It was crazy.  I thought I had been abducted by UFOs at the first part of it because I couldn’t remember anything. I just totally blacked out,” he said.

“I thought I was going to get a Band-Aid for my knee or an injection to stop the swelling.  It was mind-boggling.”

Murphy spent two months in intensive care and had 16 surgeries, including skin grafts on his legs and arms.   He lost 40 pounds. Just a few weeks ago, it was all he could do to sit up in bed for a couple of hours.  Now he’s walking stairs.

Go read the rest of the story and don’t blame me if you end up crying into your keyboard. You’ve been warned. (Oh yeah, and watching it will make it 10x worse, so maybe if you’re around other people, just read.)

And here’s a random picture of all ten of the babies born between Dec 4-6, 2007, with their three daddies. (Because you know I hate a post without pictures.) I just realized this picture was almost exactly one year ago! August 17, 2008.

2 thoughts on “Allow me to be weepy…

  1. Helen

    What a wonderful update! I’m so glad he got to go home for a short visit at least! Continued prayers that he’s home full time soon.


  2. Maria Carlson

    I am SOOOO happy to hear he is doing better! Yay! Praise God! Praying that he continues to do well with the therapy and gets home soon! And praying for A, as she takes care of the girls, soon to be 5G!

    Thanks for the update Pam!
    -Maria (from TC)


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