Some randoms…

– I taught Oliver to say “goofball” this morning. As in, “you and your brothers are goofballs.” He did pretty good!

– I got a copy of my hospital records from when I had the boys, and it was very (okay, mildly) interesting. I learned lots of interesting tidbits. Like, in all of the monitoring I had done before they were born, I had a grand total of five contractions. Never felt them. Still curious to know what they feel like. (I know, I know, I’m going to get a lot of “you’re insane”s for that one.)

– There’s a part in one of my earlier ultrasounds (22 weeks, I think) where the u/s tech notes that all fetuses are male. Which just tickles me, for some reason. We didn’t find out what they were before they were born, but she knew. And it was right there in my chart. And the u/s tech was all, “hey little dudes!” while I was lying there watching the ultrasound, thinking, “I think those are girl parts!” Heh.

Here’s a random picture from a few weekend’s ago. I just found my camera. It was in my camera bag. I thought I lost it. Go figure that it’d be where it belongs.
081209 082

Oliver is not in that picture because Oliver did not like the look of that merry-go-round. We didn’t even turn it on!

But he did like the fried rice.

081209 077

– George is sick. I’m taking him to the doctor today. Hopefully they can do something to make him feel better. And selfishly, I hope he’s better by tomorrow night so I can go to dinner with the triplet mom group. Margaritas!

– Oooh, and a new baby is going to make her debut today. Can’t wait to find out all the details!

3 thoughts on “Some randoms…

  1. Becki

    Can I ask how you went about getting a copy of your hospital records? I’m interested in getting mine, but haven’t had the time/energy/guts to figure out how to obtain them.


  2. kaylen

    Cute pic! I love that he decided the merry-go-round was no good, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t going to move!

    Stopping by from SITS. 🙂


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