Fishy fishy fishy!

So yesterday, my friend Stephanie and I took the boys and her son, Liam, to the aquarium. It was even more fun than the last time we went. That time, they were scared of the big tunnel o’ fish that you walk through. This time, they were excitedly pointing to them and saying “shissshhhh”.

And then Oliver sat in a clamshell while Liam attempted to scale the beast.

There was a harrowing moment when Oliver didn’t want to be parted from his beloved “eh-mo” or “dor-dor”, which in this context doesn’t mean “Elmo” or “door” (two other words they say a lot) but “Nemo” and “Dory”. There was much weeping and rending of garments, but I was able to pull him away in the end without lasting trauma. I hope.

On Saturday (I know, apologies for my non-chronological post) I participated in a garage sale. Sold some stuff, but not enough. Tried to take the leftovers to Goodwill, but it had closed 15 minutes earlier. *&#!$!!

The boys are babbling a ton, and it’s really freaking cute. They’re also going through another Elmo phase, which is awesome, because I was starting to get sick of Yo Gabba Gabba. I don’t want that to happen. I’m kind of bummed because there’s a Sesame Street Live show coming to New Orleans in October, and from what I’ve heard, they’d love it, but at $20 bucks a ticket (screw you, Ticketmaster and your ridiculous fees) I don’t want to chance it. Esp when we’d need six tickets.

George is finally feeling better, and he got his first hugs from the boys in over a week. It was really quite sweet.

Oliver was allllll about hugging daddy.

And then he tried to attack me.

I think it’s amazing that a toy that was previously ignored becomes the coolest thing ever, just by moving it into another room.

And because this post seems Oliver-picture-heavy, here are some of Miles and Linus:

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4 thoughts on “Fishy fishy fishy!

  1. Whitney

    I haven’t commented in a long time but wanted to stay that your boys are so stinkin’ cute! Can’t believe how big they are getting.



  2. becoming-mom

    They are just so unbelievably cute!! love the daddy hugs.. Jeff just got back from almost two weeks out of the country and Jasper hugged him for 3 minutes straight. I can’t even tell you the last time that kid stayed still for three minutes but he did NOT want to pick his head up off of daddy’s shoulder. So adorable!


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