Fame and fortune, possibly not.

So yesterday was the big photoshoot. (Big to us, I mean. It wasn’t that big of a production, really.) It was held at this beautiful Uptown mansion. But not inside, like I’d hoped. Outside. And it was hot. Well, hot for September.

We get there, and I put the boys in their outfits. Very cute, if you like that sort of thing. I mean, I may be biased, but they’d look cute in potato sacks. (What are potato sacks anyway?) These outfits are very Southern, very “stop rolling around in the dirt”, very nervewracking if you’re trying to keep them clean. But anyway.

The boys aren’t liking the button-down shirts. Especially since they have to be buttoned all the way up. And they don’t like the overall part. (They’ve never really been fans of overalls.) And it’s hot. So they’re kinda crabby. And it’s a new environment, so they’re kinda clingy. But we bring them over to this cute white wicker swing, and sit them down on it.

They are okay with it, but it’s hard to get a shot with all three boys looking happy. It may have happened. My friend Mary came to help, and she had raisins with her. Raisins may have saved the day! That made them happyish. So hopefully they got a shot.

After that, it was time to try to get a picture of them in the grass. That was probably a fail as well. There was a cute dog that they were enamored with. I think that would have made a great shot, but I’m not the fancy photographer, am I?

Anyway, they moved on to some other kids, but asked us to wait. I gave the boys a snack and some water. That helped. They played and were in decent moods. It would have been a great time to try again.

Too bad the skies opened up.

Ah well!

We’ll see how it all comes out. I hope they got a good shot, but if not, it’s okay. It was a fun experience, and maybe we’ll get to try again one day.

And now some pictures from the day!

Oh look, a dirty tennis ball. Great.

In better moods…

Uh oh, meltdown imminent!


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11 thoughts on “Fame and fortune, possibly not.

  1. becoming-mom

    Sometimes it really does feel like the stars have to align just right for good pictures.. between the weather, baby’s mood, the lighting etc it’s such a crap shoot! But I’m sure there were some great shots, with such adorable subjects how could there not be? πŸ™‚


  2. Sarah

    I would have freaked out too trying to keep them clean. I know how hard it is with girls – it must be HARDER with boys. Cute pics! I do have to laugh at the outfits – imagine toting them around town wearing those!


  3. wendy

    These boys are meant for bigger things than being catalog models. I see bright futures as accomplished toddlers, curious students, delightfully complex teenagers, and so on, on into the unique adulthoods of their choosing. The money might be nice but being a model/celebrity/famous figure also has lots of downsides.


  4. Gary

    They look so cute. We got the kids’ Easter outfits from that place. I think Christmas may be coming from there as well, but that’s really not my department. Definitely not an every day thing, though. That’s nice that you got gift certificates.


  5. Laurie

    I happen to be a sucker for these old southern baby outfits and especially 3 handsome little devils in them! Save your giftcards for the O.E. sales. They tend to have really good deals. I bought Elliot’s Christmas outfit their 2 years ago for $15! (Had a small stain that washed right out) Then its not so bad if they only wear it a few times. They are painfully adorable!


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