What to write about…what to write about…

After the excitement of the beginning of the week, I’m now kinda bored. Hmm. I hope we’re going to have a fun weekend. Something fun tomorrow…zoo? Aquarium? Children’s Museum? Depends on the weather. And a trip to a new park with friends on Sunday. That sounds promising.

Next week I’m going to Toronto for a few days for work. That’s pretty exciting. I haven’t thought much about that trip, but I guess I should probably go hunt for my passport. That would be a good weekend project, eh?

I got my new waffle iron the other day. That’s pretty darn exciting. I need to devote a whole post to that (yes, and entire post to WAFFLES) but for now I will say, waffles are yummy. Really, there’s nothing like a crisp, hot, Belgian waffle right out of the waffle iron. Mmmm. Waffle.

Here’s a fun game.

A picture in my Flickr photostream from 3 years ago…Ellie! One of my beloved nieces. She was about 15 months old here. I can definitely see some resemblance between her and her cousins here.

And me, two years ago:

And the boys, one year ago…their first trip to the zoo! See, doesn’t it seem appropriate to take them this weekend?

Have a great weekend! Do you have any fun plans?

5 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Melissa

    Hi there! I often lurk your blog but never comment, so I thought I would introduce myself now since you’re prepping to take a trip to my hometown, Toronto. Hope you have a lovely time while you’re here!

    Also, I’m SO not one for kitchen gadgets but I love my waffle maker. It’s about 10 times easier than I thought it would be to use, and if I make a bunch, I can just freeze them and then pop them in the toaster like eggos. Yum.


  2. Grandee

    Well there goes your Christmas Present.Does it have a dinger? Larry has been looking for me one that dings, but the ones he has found have awful reviews in Consumer Reports. Decided the waffles take 5 minutes- so the timer on the microwave will have to be my dinger.
    Had leftover frozen waffles this morning.
    You did not tell me you were going to Toronto.


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