Eyes are gross.

So you know I’ve been dealing with this eye thing. I have always been squeamish about eyes. So much that when I first started wearing contacts in high school, I wore hard lenses so I wouldn’t have to touch my eyeball to take them out. (You just pull on the corner of your eye, blink, and *pop*, out it comes. Probably not the best for avoiding wrinkles later in life, but whatever.)

Then I got brave a few years ago and switched to soft. Much more comfortable, but I had to get used to squeezing my eyeball (okay, not literally, but that’s what it seems like) to take them out. By now, I’m a pro at that.

But there’s something about having a fever blister on your eyeball to take the squeamishness to an all-time high. Yes, that’s what I had on my eye. Fortunately, thanks to a gajillion visits to my new eye doctor, it’s all gone, except for a tiny scar on my eyeball. Yeah, I’m tough.

Yesterday at my appointment, my eye doctor, who appears to be in his 60s, but is obviously an 11 year old boy at heart, actually turned my eyelids inside out. Ewwww! What kind of sadistic brute is this man? He’s really very nice, but grody. Was that really necessary? And then, to add insult to injury, my eyes were dilated! That’s actually kind of trippy. But having to drive back to work on a brutally sunny day after having that happen is, well, wrong.

But I’ve survived and today my eyes are all back to normal.

Speaking of eyes, aren’t these the cutest eyes in the whole wide world? How did I get babies with such beautiful blue eyes?

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One thought on “Eyes are gross.

  1. Helen

    Oh my gosh… My eyes hurt now! LOL! I’ve always said it’s a good thing I don’t need glasses because there’s no way I could wear contacts. Ick!


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