Much better!

Last night, we only had to get up once, for Oliver. Of course, I’d prefer we didn’t have to get up at all, but you can’t win ’em all. I feel like a new woman today! It didn’t hurt that Oliver was being v cute and talkative while we were giving him his breathing treatment. And that he went back to sleep with no problems afterwards.

Am v excited because this weekend, we’re having pictures taken. I think I timed the pictures right, for the day after the half-marathon. Surely I’ll lose 50 lbs on the course, and therefore will look awesome for the pictures. Failing that, I plan to hit the mall to find a black shirt that makes me look decent. (Or, as Kristina and I called it, a “magic shirt”.)

The boys will look cute no matter what. I ordered some long-sleeved white t-shirts with tie appliques from Etsy, that I think they’ll wear with jeans.

And now, I’ll close this post out with some random pictures from the weekend, taken on the ferry.



Linus, giving Daddy a kiss. (When you say “give me a kiss”, most of the time, they just tilt the top of their head toward you, as if to allow you the honor of bestowing a kiss upon their head.)

One thought on “Much better!

  1. Heather

    Glad you didn’t have to get up a ton of times last night. Last night I was up three times with Charlotte, not the little ones, go figure. All of this Halloween stuff has her freaked out. She was sure there was a monster in her room.

    Cute pics of your adorable boys!


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