How in the world???

I am not a morning person. Ask anyone. Especially my mom, Betsy, Ann, Kristie, Ren, Anne, Kristina, and Marianne. (Or, the roommates I’ve had since high school.) (And George.)

But somehow, I got these kids who are so darn happy in the morning! Even if, say, one or two of them was up screaming at 1 am for no discernible reason. Just say. *cough*cough*linus*oliver*cough*

But look at these cute faces…

110609 001

110609 006

110609 007

110609 014

Look at this hug (or what I was able to catch of it with my slow point and shoot)…so cute!
110609 030


2 thoughts on “How in the world???

  1. Too cute. Think of it this way, since you aren’t a morning person it’s lucky you have your happy guys and not my girlie girl who wakes up crying. Naps and mornings she wakes up and starts crying even if mike or I are right there before she wakes up. My mom says I was just like her though.


  2. I am SO not a morning person and all three of mine are total early birds. They take after their father! Nobody appreciates a nice sleep in and slow start around here! Luckily their cheer is infectious (sometimes).


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