Presents, presents, presents!

Since I have to post every day in November, you can bet some of these posts are going to be about my Triple Dip Shop. And telling you that you should probably consider buying some of the items in the shop for your favorite triplet-ish person in your life.

I mean, we have stuff for mom and dad:
(Okay, this one might get your butt kicked by some singleton parents, but it’s funny! Admit it!)

To stave off the questions:

Mom to be:

and of course, the kids
Copy and Paste (get two Pastes if you have identical triplets!)

and my personal favorite, Rock, Paper, and Scissors

Or look at this one, for the kids that get sick of answering:

And there’s SO much more! It’s fun designing these, and take it from me, pretty fun to wear them too.

Oh yeah, and you know I haven’t forgotten my twin friends

Don’t think this is the last of the posts about my shop. I have so many more designs to show you, with more coming!


One thought on “Presents, presents, presents!

  1. Hey there. I’ve been meaning to suggest another t-shirt idea, similar but not to rock, paper, scissors. How about bacon, lettuce and tomato? (or is that my own personal twisted sense of humor).

    I might have to get the I laugh at your one baby one. Hee!


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