Balloons are fun!

Yes indeed.

The boys got balloons at the birthday party we went to on Sunday. We tied them to their wagon, but haven’t quite remembered to take them off yet. Yesterday, they still had air in them, so when we went outside to get in the van, there was a brief interlude of play:

110609 167

110609 177

But guess what? Even without any air, they’re still fun!
110609 237

Oh yeah, and thanks Uncle Chris and Uncle Alvaro for the awesome outfits for their birthday. We’re doing Santa pictures with their cousin Emily next weekend. It’ll look more realistic than this:


9 thoughts on “Balloons are fun!

  1. man, the more I see them playing together, the more i think they are the luckiest boys ALIVE to have each other to grow up with- built in playmates of sorts. it’s sooo special:)


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