Santa pics, take two

We don’t have take one back yet, but check out the awesome pics we got today. I need to get a copy of the one we have with Emily in it, but just imagine a crying blonde girl right next to Linus (in the second and third pictures) and you get the gist.

Picture one…I had to put Oliver and Miles on my lap, and the only place for Linus was on a stool at Santa’s feet. (No one would get on his lap – believe me, I did NOT want to be in these pictures!) But Linus was having none of it…


Picture two…lady with bangs hides behind chair while holding Linus up. Linus is not happy.

santa2 copy

Picture three…Linus still behind chair, unhappy. I tickle the boys in my lap to get some smiles. At least someone looks happy!


Yes, yes, maybe next year….


10 thoughts on “Santa pics, take two

  1. Hilarious pictures! I think it was the SF Chronicle that ran series of pictures just like this every year. One had a set of multiples (4 or 5) and their pictures amazing. I always feel kind of sorry for the Santa’s though.


  2. Linus looks like he is trying to climb the other way. Love the pictures. I fear that mine will be worse when we take them.


  3. 2 out of 3 aint bad!! We haven’t taken our twin boys yet, don’t think either one will like the jolly old man too much!


  4. Ha! I love it! Yeah, I totally know that our girls would NOT go through with that. I say Photoshop Linus’ head somewhere onto the pic – hee hee 😀

    -Maria (from TC, mom of 21mo GGGG and a 5yo boy)


  5. These photos seriously made me laugh out loud! ADORABLE. I can’t believe they are almost 2!!! Oh, and why doesn’t Yo Gabba Gabba Live come to other cities like Indy or New Orleans. The girls would LOVE that.


  6. The bangs!!! Ha hahahahahaaaa! My boys’ Year Two Picture with Santa looks very similar – Gavin insisted I be in it, too, and since we were also at the Mall of LA, same Santastic set-up!


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