1 is easier than 3

With the very important caveat that you must have three in order to appreciate how much easier one is.

This weekend I took one kid to my mom’s for the weekend, while the other two spent time being spoiled mercilessly by Granny and Grandpa. As it happens, I took Miles with me. I plan to do this more often, and yes, next time Oliver or Linus will come, and then the time after that, whoever hasn’t been yet will come with me.

It was just so awesome. At the risk of sound unappreciative of my other two children, it was just so nice to be able to really focus on just Miles. I feel so often like I don’t know them well enough, as individuals. Is it because they’re identical? I don’t know, but I read so many triplet blogs where the mom or dad can easily reel off a list of differences between their triplets.

I mean, I know they’re different, but I have a hard time describing it, you know? It’s like when we had them evaluated for Early Intervention last year. They’d ask “is Miles pointing to objects?” and I’d confidently say “yes!” and then wonder to myself, “or was that Linus?” People will ask me “who’s the leader?” and “who talks the most” and things like that and I honestly have a hard time answering.

Hopefully these one-on-one weekends will help.

At least if someone asks me if Miles loves Teddy Grahams, I’ll be able to answer with confidence…

My mom enjoyed the one-on-one time too. But don’t worry, Linus and Oliver will get their share of Grandee storytime too…

[And can I just go on more about how fast it is to get one kid in and out of the car? And how nice it was to be driven around by my mom, who can fit one carseat into her car, but not three? And how it was great not to even have to bring a stroller with me? And how shopping was manageable? And bathtime? And mealtime? Okay, I’ll stop now.]


01/31/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Linus is getting geared up for Mardi Gras. I don’t know where he even found those beads, they’re from their birthday party, but what can I say? I have little New Orleans boys!


01/30/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

This picture may not seem very exciting to you, but consider this…in it are 27 pairs of pants, 15 shirts, and 2 winter coats…all purchased this weekend for $2.99 each. (Okay, the jackets were $9.99 each.)

Thank you Children’s Place for outfitting my children for next winter for practically NOTHING!


01/29/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Miles builds a tower at Grandee’s house, and there aren’t any brothers around to knock it down. I brought Miles to my mom’s while the other two are at George’s parents’ house. Thought a little one-on-one time would be nice.



How many kids do I have? 3 or 4? Sometimes I can’t remember…

To further confuse the issue, see this bonus pic for today:


As if falling down some stairs wasn’t bad enough, as I was pulling out of my parking space at work yesterday, I totally scraped the corner of the bumper of the car next to me.

Ugh. It looks pretty bad, but hopefully it won’t cost too much to get repaired. Of course my car is fine – I wish my car had gotten scraped up and the other car had been fine. I’ll be driving mine forever, so I don’t care about a few scrapes.

Fortunately, the woman who owned the car is very nice and is being cool about it. But still. Not what I needed.

And to top off the spectacular day, Oliver woke up screaming at 11:30 and would not go back to sleep. Not until we brought him to bed with us. I don’t know about you, but I don’t sleep well next to a two year old. At least he slept. Last time I brought him to bed with us, he tried to talk to me about his DVD all night long.

It wasn’t all bad, though. We found out we’re closing on our refinance on Friday (woo!) and our friend Lindsay came over to work on wedding invitations (I love that kind of stuff) so we watched Biggest Loser and drank wine while cutting cardstock and punching holes in stuff.

Lindsay helped George pick out my engagement ring many moons ago, so it sort of feels fitting to be helping her with her wedding stuff now. And she was George’s best woman. Awww!

And the boys were in good moods at dinnertime. They ate PEAS! That’s TWO green vegetables they’ll eat!

They danced after dinner, but that’s hard to get pictures of. But it’s cute. Speaking of dancing, I got a call from daycare yesterday that Linus bumped his head in a freak dancing accident with Miles. Hee hee! (He was fine.)



Our friend Lindsay came over tonight so I could help her put together her wedding invitations, and the boys couldn’t resist showing off for her. Miles is dancing for her here. Or hopping. One of the two. He’s such a ham!


Am totally posting this for sympathy. Heh.

This morning, I was bringing something downstairs and slipped and bounced down the last four or five stairs. Ouch. Good thing I’m padded. Hmm. Now I’m sore, though, and I’m sure it’ll only be worse tomorrow. Thank goodness I wasn’t holding a kid.

Okay, enough of that. How about some more cute pictures?

This is one I almost used yesterday as my picture of the day, but I decided I thought the other one was more interesting. But this one’s neat because it looks kinda like a mirror.

Linus making crank calls:

Decisions, decisions….

Love this:
And I find it interesting that I can tell who is who just by looking at the way they hold their heads. Miles on the far left, Oliver on the right. Aww!



I call this one “Mother of the Year.” Because as Miles was expressing his fear of the cat (who was on the other side of the room and not remotely interested in any of the kids) I was taking this picture of him. Don’t worry, I picked him up right after this.


Okay, first, let’s get this out of the way.


I actually watched the game last night (well, the second half, anyway) which I’m sure you know is very unlike me. But I knew it’d be fun to watch it in the company of other fans, so after the boys went to bed, I headed to the pub. I’m so glad I did. It was a lot of fun, and man, when that field goal was being kicked (gosh, don’t I sound like a football expert there?) everyone was holding hands and when it made it, everyone was screaming and hugging and kissing and there were many tears.

So that was a nice ending to a nice weekend. The boys and I spent it with Ren and her daughters Alison and Chloe. We hung out, went grocery shopping, made yummy food, went to a park, and took the kids to a movie.

Yes, you read that right. The two of us took FIVE kids to the movie. Chloe and Alison have been before, but this was the boys’ first movie. My last experience with taking a kid to their first movie ended after about five minutes, but I was very impressed that the boys lasted a whole hour! We probably could have stayed the whole time, but they were giggling and talking to each other and dropping their DVD cases and so Ren and I figured we should cut our losses (and spare the other moviegoers) and just leave. But an hour! That’s not bad! And there was no crying!

So yeah, that was our weekend. Woo!



The good thing about spending the weekend at Ren’s house (with her two daughters, it’s an all-female house) is that the boys have a chance to get in touch with their feminine sides.

(In other news, GOOOOO SAINTS!)