01/29/10, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Miles builds a tower at Grandee’s house, and there aren’t any brothers around to knock it down. I brought Miles to my mom’s while the other two are at George’s parents’ house. Thought a little one-on-one time would be nice.


4 thoughts on “01/29/10

  1. Love your blog all your pictures are so cute

    I have a quick question

    I was wondering What you think of the peapod, I am thinking about getting one and was wondering if they are worth the money.


    thanks so much


  2. That is such a cute picture. I can actually feel the quiteness around him. How do they do without each other? My twin boys are 14 months old and really get bored without one another.


  3. I TOTALLY need to do this more. Its seems like such a wise and important thing, to both get them used to being apart sometimes, and also getting one-on-one attention that is so rare most days. I keep talking about it but not doing it though! Time to step up and make it happen!


  4. It’s the little things when you’re a multiple huh? Like getting to stack more than 2 blocks without a brother knocking it over. 😉

    I have 2 pretty rowdy boys to say the least, then I have 1, Tucker, that will gather some toys and go hide under a table or in a corner for some “alone time.” lol


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