Am totally posting this for sympathy. Heh.

This morning, I was bringing something downstairs and slipped and bounced down the last four or five stairs. Ouch. Good thing I’m padded. Hmm. Now I’m sore, though, and I’m sure it’ll only be worse tomorrow. Thank goodness I wasn’t holding a kid.

Okay, enough of that. How about some more cute pictures?

This is one I almost used yesterday as my picture of the day, but I decided I thought the other one was more interesting. But this one’s neat because it looks kinda like a mirror.

Linus making crank calls:

Decisions, decisions….

Love this:
And I find it interesting that I can tell who is who just by looking at the way they hold their heads. Miles on the far left, Oliver on the right. Aww!

7 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. victoria

    cute pictures!!!

    I hope your butt isn’t too badly injured! About 6 weeks ago I fell down some stairs and landed hard on my tailbone and it still isn’t fully healed. I hope your’s isnt as bad as mine! But I soooo feel your pain! 😦


  2. Poppy

    I’m so glad I finally found your blog again! I’ve been missing my Myles, Linus, Oliver fix! I’m mostly a lurker but I think you have three of the cutest little guys!!

    Back to lurking…


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